Black oak has been in the furniture industry’s the most valuable and rare kind of the wood. In the past it was used mainly for intarsia (intarsia is a decorating technique that consists in making patterns on the wooden surfaces with different types of wood).

In nature black oak is made when compounds of iron react with tanning agents of the oak wood. Wood taken out from the ground (for example during archaeological excavation) requires many years of preparation (cleaning, drying, etc.), after which it can become a valuable, durable raw material. Only small percentage of wood can be salvaged. This feature proves its absolute uniqueness.

Archeo Souvenirs – as we call items made of black oak found during archaeological studies in the area of medieval buildings, dating back to the 14th century – are unique, historical mementoes, made of black oak. It was excavated near to the Chapel Royal, near St Mary’s Street and of the Holy Spirit in Gdansk, Poland, from where more than 700 years ago were located so called Meat benches.

The wood was subject to dendrological analysis, which allowed for identification of its age, and in some cases even for finding out whether it had been cut in winter or in summer. Each item from Archeo Souvenirs collection is provided with a Certificate of Authenticity (see: document attached).

Wood, as a construction material – for instance parts of foundations, strengthening of embankments, building elements, etc. – is not a subject of musealization. Thus can be used as refined material for so attractive forms as watches, jewelry or furniture.

Historical black oak is a part of exclusive Gdańsk’ offer only. Each copy is handcrafted and absolutely unique.

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